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Fuzzy Engine for Java

This fuzzy rule-based system is designed to perform fuzzy evaluations in Java programs. This is not a fuzzy system shell but rather a set of classes and methods allowing evaluation of fuzzy rules given in the symbolic form. This implementation of the engine allows tight integration of fuzzy reasoning into Java. All evaluations are performed by the fuzzy engine in Java and manipulation of the control flow and input-output operations are also performed in Java. Such a structure allows significantly higher performance than a shell concept. The engine supports

  • Evaluation of fuzzy rules in the symbolic form
  • Fuzzy and/or/not operations
  • Arbitrary nesting of fuzzy expressions in the left part of a rule
  • Multiple assignment operations in the right part of a rule
  • Predefined and user-defined hedges
  • Unconditional assignment operations
  • Dynamically weighted rules.

The original code was designed by Edward S. Sazonov (esazonov@usa.com). This version was developed by Nazario Irizarry (n_irizarry@users.sourceforge.net). The version document contains a list of modifications.

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