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Example - Fuzzy Crane Controller (Prevention of Load Sway by a Fuzzy Controller


The example below simulates transporting a load between a ship and shore. The example can be used to experiment with different initial positions for the crane, the load, and the load-receiving platform.

Running the Demo - Automated Mode

The demo requires a Java enabled browser. When properly loaded you should see a ship, crane, loading dock, and various controls. Press the "Fuzzy Control" button to start the demo in automated mode. Press the "Stop" button to stop. In automated mode a fuzzy controller controls the power applied to move the crane as well as the decision to lower and raise the crane arm. The rules implemented by the controller are listed in the text box under the applet.

Running the Demo - Manual Mode

To try your hand at controlling the crane "by hand" press the "Manual Control" button. The following keyboard controls can be used:

Manual Keyboard Controls
Key Effect
Right arrow Apply right force
Left arrow Apply left force
Up arrow Raise crane
Down arrow Lower crane
Enter "Grab" or "release" (Grab only works in close proximity to the load)
Space Stop any left/right motion (brakes)


This applet requires a Java-enabled browser

Changing the rules

The rules are listed in the text box under the "Manual Control" button above. You can change the rules though the syntax and linguistic variable names must be correct. The text of the "Fuzzy Control" button will be red if there was an error parsing the rules. It will be green if successful.

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